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Beautiful pieces are meant to be showcased with pride!
Present and preserve your water in style with our handcrafted collection of luxury carafes.
Functional and modern, the Copper Luxury Carafe Collection is a striking example of how an everyday object can be made into something special without sacrificing functionality. With its gracefully tapered neck and slender curves, the Carafes have been designed with an elegant interpretation of the female body. Its functional form and rich texture makes the carafe collection a talking point while also providing practical use.

Showcasing a range of exquisite designs, these are pieces that will make quite the centerpiece on a dining table, work desk, bedside, and would make a much-admired gift for someone with a keen eye for design.
Discover our sophisticated designer carafes that add a touch of elegance to your everyday routine!

Why copper carafes?

Before you pour a glass of tap water for drinking, it has been through a large treatment process in order to make it safe to drink. Most water filtration systems use chlorine and other chemicals to kill harmful germs. Whilst these treatments make the water safe for drinking, they also destroy the water's vital life energy and shift its natural pH levels. The water tastes 'dead', it is not easily absorbed by our cells and is unsatisfying, leaving us wanting more. The Copper Luxury Carafes recharge the vitality of your drinking water by energizing and balancing the pH; making the water 'live' again and leaving it tasting silky smooth.

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Luxury Pitcher Matt

As beautiful as it is practical, this elegantly shaped Matt Pitcher is your perfect vitality booster for every day. With its alluring, curvy shape and contemporary appearance, this sophisticated Pitcher makes an eye-catching detail on any work desk, bedside or coffee table. It makes a thoughtful gift for anyone who appreciates elegant modern design. With the practical lid that turns into a cup, it makes the pitcher easy to hold, pour and drink on the go.

Product Description

Made of 99.7% pure copper  |   1000 ML
Handcrafted artisan creation    |    A durability of lifetime

Luxury Carafe Matt

The carafe matt collection is designed to enrich everyday life. Its elegant form displays true craftsmanship, functionality and artistic aesthetics. The Carafe mixes curves with slenderness: a contrast often found in nature and a loose interpretation of the female body. The sleek angles and gentle curves make this carafe a striking decorative piece for any dinner table, at work desk or by bedside. With its practical lid that turns into a cup, makes it easy to hold, pour and drink on the go.

Product Description

Made of 99.7% pure copper  |   1200 ML
Handcrafted artisan creation    |    A durability of lifetime

Making of Copper Carafe